Client: Original UGG Boots

Link: originaluggboots.com.au

Method: Social Media, Adwords, Analytics, Content Marketing, SEO.

Original UGG Boots are Australia’s finest UGG boot manufacturers.

The Goal

To increase Original UGG Boot’s market share using digital marketing methods.

The Process:

First the team at Admon Media had to create a unique website that is specific to the industry and user friendly. The next step was to create and execute campaigns across Facebook & Adwords using creative content. The latest in analytics were used on these campaigns to ensure the highest conversion rates. A SEO strategy was also implemented to take up as much real estate on Google as possible and to get Original UGG Boots on page one of Google.

The Outcome:

These campaigns combined resulted in the highest conversion rates the company has ever seen. Facebook followers are currently at 37,000, The database has grown by over 800%, Adwords has never been more efficient and thanks to SEO, Original UGG Boots are on the coveted page one of Google. Overall this company has gone from no online retail presence to turning over millions per year and are seeing a very healthy return on investment.


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