QuickCouch Australia

CLIENT: QuickCouch Australia

LINK: quickcouch.com.au

TYPE: PPC, FB, Strategy.

QuickCouch Australia bring you the finest quality inflatable couches in Australia. This amazing brand can be seen on beaches Australia wide.

The Goal

QuickCouch is a start up in the outdoor lifestyle space. We set up an Adwords campaign and assisted with social media marketing & management. The strategy was to put an emphasis on sales and to grow their social media  following organically.

The Process

We breezed through sales targets and smashed through the holiday season with an attractive return on investment. Methods used were Google Adwords with social media marketing.

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The Results

Sales are coming in fast and more inventory is always on back order. QuickCouch is positioned as the leader for this product in Australia. We increased sales by 400% within 3 months.


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